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    I was a teaching assistant for the following classes offered through Teamworks

Puppy Class
Early socialization and training for puppies.  Includes puppy playtime, interactions with people and basic obedience commands.

Canine Good Citizen
Teaching basic obedience skills and commands in order to pass the requirements of the Canine Good Citizen certification program.

Distraction Proofing
Training dogs to be able to follow commands while in a distracting environment (such as real life).  Included games, obedience skills, and Canine Good Citizen training (for dogs that have not yet passed the Canine Good Citizen certification program).
I was a teaching assistant for the following classes offered through Teamworks

Dominant Dogs
Working with dogs that are highly reactive to either other dogs, people, or both.  These dogs have typically responded with aggression in the form of snapping, barking, or biting.  The class intends to desensitize the dogs to the reactants while teaching the dogs basic obedience commands.  The owners are taught confidence building skills to avoid and handle the dogs in everyday life and the ability to understand the behaviors that signal aggression.

Fearful Fidos
Working with dogs that are extremely timid when exposed to people, other dogs, or new situations.  The class reestablishes the authority of the owner in order to increase the dog's comfort and security.  The class teaches the dogs basic obedience while gradually exposing them to more stimulating environments.  The class teaches owners to recognize the dog's state of mind from the dog's behaviors and skills to manage the dog in new situations.

Leash Manners
Working with dogs that have basic obedience  but are difficult to walk on leash.  Dogs and their owners are taught how to walk with a loose leash, greet people in a controlled manner, and behave in a calm manner when greeting other dogs on leash.

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