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           Hints and Tips

Litter Box Tips

Has your pet had an "accident"?

    If your cat or dog eliminates in an inappropriate place, it is important to clean the area up with a cleaner with enzymes to neutralize the scent of urine.  Dogs and cats are attracted to sites that smell like urine.  If you have any doubts about whether your pet urinated in a place or if you have adequately cleaned up afterwards, you can use a black light to detect urine. 

We always use specialized cleaners when cleaning up after pets.  We are available to make a visit to your home to clean out your litter box(es).  This especially good for pregnant women with cats.  Cats can potentially infect their owners with Toxoplasmosis, a disease that causes birth defects when women get infected while pregnant.

Problems with your cat overshooting the litter box?

    I recommend using "Puppy Pads" underneath your litter box.  That way clean up is easy and your floors remain undamaged.

Problems with your cat not using the litter pan?

    The first question you should answer is "Is your cat healthy?" 
Ill cats often wind up eliminating in inappropriate places.  If your cat is chronically or terminally ill, it may be necessary to put another litter box where they eliminate or at least put down "puppy pads" so that it is easier to clean up after your cat.

    The second question is:
"Are you cleaning your litter box often enough?"
Cats are fastidious, so if they decide their litter box is not clean enough, they will find some other place to go.  Sometimes, what we consider clean is not always what they consider clean.  You may need to wash the litter pan and replace the litter.

    The third question is:
"Do you have at least one litter box per cat?"
Often cats consider litter boxes territory, and may keep other cats in house away from them.  Right now my oldest cat is often attacked when she exits the litter box, so she has started going in other places (see question one).  Cats may also "mark" the litter box area to warn the other cats that it is not for them.

    The fourth questions is:
"Have you recently added another cat to your home?"
Cats often like to have one litter box they can call their own.  New cats may need a new litter box (see question three).  Another common problem (even in cats that have been spayed or neutered) is that cats may mark their territory in your home.  If the urine is up on the walls, that is often a sign of marking.

Additional Hints and Tips