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Our Irish Wolfhound Girl Puppy

We brought home Farset, our new "little" Irish Wolfhound puppy on Thanksgiving Day 2007.  It made for a very busy and chaotic Thanksgiving weekend.  Between her and all of the pet sitting, I didn't get much sleep.

When she came home with us, she was six and a half weeks old and one of a litter of ten (4 girls and 6 boys).  She is the daughter of our male Irish Wolfhound, Lagan.  We bred him to an Irish Wolfhound in Durham, Singing Sword Brigid.  She was a very good doggie mother.  

She is named for the River Farset in Northern Ireland.  Our male is named Lagan after the main river running through Belfast.  She is named for a creek that is a tributary to the Lagan. For more information on the River Farset.

At 4 months, she was up to 60 pounds.  She is now just over a year old and up to 150 pounds.  Even Lagan wasn't that heavy at her age.  She is about the same height as Lagan and is likely to get a little taller still.  I figure that she has another six months of skeletal growth left and another year of filling out to do.

She and Lagan play with together, but she has a lot more energy than he does.  They both enjoy the cooler weather which has made Lagan a little more frisky. 

I do plan on showing Farset in conformation and therefore need to keep her intact.  We went through her first "season" over Christmas.  It was no fun for everyone involved.

We will be starting up Advanced Obedience classes at PetSmart with Jackie at the beginning of the year.  She is a phenomenal instructor.  She has already graduated from Puppy, Intermediate, and Advanced Obedience class.  

Photos of Farset

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Please note that we believe pet reproduction should be planned and responsible.  Almost all of the puppies in this litter had good homes at the time of the breeding.