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Why Should You Hire A Pet Sitter 

  Why Staying at Home is Better than Going to a Kennel

1 Your pets get to stay in a familiar environment

2 Your pets keep the same routine including exercise and diet

3 Your pets get individual care and attention from a Pet Sitter

4 Your pets aren't exposed to other animals and diseases

5 It saves time since you don't have to transport your pet to the kennel.  You also don't have to drop off or pick up your pet on the schedule of the kennel.  This can cause your pet to spend more time away from you

6 It can save you money because you only pay for care for as long as you are gone.  Plus if you have multiple pets, it is often less costly than paying for kennel costs for all of your pets.

7 Your home looks occupied since your pets are there, your mail and newspapers are brought inside, and with a pet sitter visiting your home, there are signs of activity.

  Why Hire a Professional Pet Sitter Instead of Your Neighbor or Friend

1 I am a professional.  I make my living taking care of your pets.  Their care is my priority.

2 I am licensed and insured in the case of an emergency.

3 I have experience with pet care, behavior, and health care.

4 You don't have to feel obligated to a family member, friend, or neighbor.



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