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Selecting a Food for your Pet

Reading Pet Food Labels

With all of the recent recalls, it is hard to know what to feed your pet.  

In my opinion, when feeding a commercial diet the most important thing is to:

Select a food that has been tested using animal food tests using AAFCO procedures that substantiate the food provides a complete and balanced nutrition for the maintenance of your type of pet.

This information is usually found in small print near the list of ingredients or guaranteed analysis.

The guaranteed analysis lists the minimum amount of protein and fat and the maximum amount of fiber and moisture found in a food (by %).  This makes sense because the amount of fiber and moisture are typically filler type items, whereas protein and fat are necessary components of a diet.  And no, they are not required to list the percentage of carbohydrates.

As you can imagine, the amount of moisture found in canned food is much higher than the amount found in dry food.



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