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Creature-Care Services

House Sitting

We visit your home while you are away.

We collect the mail and newspaper, water your plants, turn on and off lights to make your home appear occupied, water your lawn, and more.

We can also provide these services when you are trying to sell a house and are no longer living there.  For example, we can come by and turn on the lights, open the curtains, put out promotional material and make sure the house looks its best.

Our prices for House Sitting depend amount of time required to take care of your house. There is an additional charge for last minute reservations.

We do offer a registered client service where we keep a copy of your key to save time prior to future visits.  We can provide lock out services and home visits for our registered clients.  So when you are away, we can visit your home to turn down the thermostat, pick up newspapers and mail, or anything that you might have forgotten to do prior to your departure.

We provide services in Cary, Apex, Holly Springs and the adjacent parts of Raleigh

We are bonded, licensed and insured