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Creature-Care Services

We take care of most pets, including
cats, dogs, birds, pocket pets, reptiles, fish, and more. 

Single Visits & Dog Walks

For today's busy lifestyle, we can visit your pet at your home while you are at work, unable to be at home, or could use some assistance to care for your pet. 

Does your dog need more exercise, but you don't have the time to walk or play ball with your pet?  We can help.  One of the best gifts that you can give your pet is keeping them at their ideal weight.

We take your pet on walks.  We can come to your home and either walk your dog around your neighborhood, or bring them to a nearby park. We work with your dog on leash manners. 

Do you have more than one dog?
Depending upon the size, personality, and activity level of your dogs, we may decide that your dogs need to be walked separately.

Single Visits
The single visit is perfect for puppies who often need a midday potty break or meal, or older pets that need a daytime stop, or pets with medical conditions that require a midday visit. 

We can also come to your house and clean your litterbox when you are unable to, an especially good service for pregnant cat owners concerned with contracting toxoplasmosis.

We do offer a registered client service where we keep a copy of your key to save time prior to future visits.  We can provide lock out services and home visits for our registered clients. 

For registered clients, we can set up walks or visits for those times when you are going to be working late or have other obligations. 

Prices for single visits are based on the amount time, location, and expertise required.  We charge an additional fee for last minute reservations.


We provide services in Cary, Apex, Holly Springs and the adjacent parts of Raleigh

We are bonded, licensed and insured