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               The Cats


Our Once Lost Kitty
We adopted Murphy when we were living in California.  We moved him to our house in  NC.  Within the first two weeks, he ran away.  Fortunately, I had him microchipped as a kitten.  I put up posters and fliers, but no luck.   I never gave up on him.  A year later, we received a phone call from the CAR microchip people to let us know that he had been found.  He has been back with us for about 3 years.  Without the microchip, we would have never gotten him back.  I highly recommend getting your pet microchipped.  He is not quite the same as he was before he went missing, but we still love and care for him.

      In Memorial

April 1990 - March 2007

Marble passed away in March.  She was my second pet as an adult.  When I adopted her, I was still in college and single.  It has been difficult to get used to life without her.

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In Memorial

1989 - June 2008


Sammy, my in-law's cat, came to live with us in the summer of 2007.  He was hyperthyroid at that point, and beyond treatment. 

He spent most of his years as an outdoor kitty and wasn't intimidated by almost anything including our dogs.