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Creature-Care was founded in July 2006
The company is owned by Emily Turner.  You can learn more about my qualifications on the
Experience page.

I have been living in Cary since 2003.  I was born in Raleigh and graduated from NCSU with a BS in Statistics in May, 1994. 

After I graduated, I lived out of state for 11 years.  I always knew that we would move back one day, and sure enough, here we are. 

I attended the Veterinary Technician program at Central Carolina Community College for a year.

I was an assistant instructor for dog obedience classes with Teamworks for a little more than a year before starting Creature-Care.

I continue to take classes to improve my knowledge and skills.  See my Experience page and my Recommendation page for more information.

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In Memorial

April 1990 - March 2007


The Kitties

We currently have just one kitty.
- Murphy, our once lost kitty.

More about our kitties, past and present


Our Little Girl Wolfhound
We brought our new puppy home on Thanksgiving 2007 when she was 6.5 weeks old.  She is a handful at the moment, as to be expected.  At 13 months, she is like a teenager.  She has the size of an adult, but she doesn't have the calm or experience of an adult.

More about Farset


Our Big Boy
Our 4 1/2-year-old Irish Wolfhound male.  He is 36 inches tall at the shoulder and currently weighs around 175 pounds. 

More About Lagan